Spelet Det förlorade halsbandet

359 kr

Den onda häxan har lagt en förbannelse på den vackra prinsessan. Häxan har har rivit isär prinsessans magiska halsband och spritt ut de fyrtio glaspärlor i trädgården. För att kunna häva förbannelsen måste glaspärlorna hittas innan det sista gyllene sandkornet i timglaset faller till botten. 

Ett kreativt lagspel med vackra glaspärlor. Passar för kreativa, skapande barn som tycker om att skapa vackra saker med händerna.

2-4 spelare

Från 5 år

Speltid ca 30 minuter

Askens storlek: 32x16 cm

Från Marbushka


Spelinstruktioner på engelska medföljer:

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess.

One day an evil witch, out of shear jealousy, bewitched her with a deep and empty slumber.
The witch ripped apart the princess’ magical necklace and scattered its forty pearls in the garden. The whole kingdom got word that the princess will not awaken from her slumber until someone gathers the tiny pearls from the thick grass, and the necklace is made whole again. The heroes have to complete the quest before the last golden grain of sand falls in the hourglass. The princess slumbers still, and she is waiting for her rescuers.A team game for 2-4 players above 5 years of ageThe goal of the game: you have to gather the forty pearls of the necklace before the last grain of sand falls in hourglass. 

How to play the game: Place the game board in front of you and scatter the pearls in the grass around the princess. (don’t scatter the spare ones, only the forty pieces from the tale!) Shuffle the cards of the hourglass and place them on the table. Agree before the game on the pattern based on which you plan to reassemble the necklace. You can either chose the templates we provided, or you can come up with your own! When you are finished with this, the youngest player can begin the game by throwing with the dice. If he throws a color he has to pick up a pearl from the grass according to the color thrown and place it on the necklace around the princess’ neck based on the agreed pattern. (If there are no more pearls with that color, you can’t pick another one, it is the next players turn to throw the dice) If he throws an ant: he can pick up two pearls of any color and place them on the necklace.If he throws an hourglass: he has to draw an hourglass card and place it next to the game board. If all the hourglass cards are drawn before the necklace is finished, you have unfortunately ran out of time. If you can reassemble the necklace before all the hourglass cards are gathered, you have successfully broken the spell and rescued the princess! (You can see how happy she is on the backside of the game board!) Good luck and have fun with the game!


4x10 pieces of Czech glass beads in a linen bag (we also provided two spare stones each) 

1 throwing dice, 

1 two sided gaming board, 

1hourglass puzzle consisting of nine cards